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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Long Range Hunting Rifle Light – Wolf Eyes Seal

Wolf Eyes Seal LED Hunting flashlight torch

If you need a long distance LED hunting flashlight the Wolf Eyes Seal may be the light for you. It comes supplied with two heads, one with a large aspheric which gives 400 metres of spot throw, great for those long distance shots. The second head provides a spot surrounded by flood out to 150 metres, perfect for quarry which moves quickly. It is a very simple matter to change the heads, taking less than a minute. As always the Seal is a fully rechargeable LED flashlight, with the battery contained within the body, meaning this light is great for walk around hunting or as an additional light used from the back of a vehicle. More details: Wolf Eyes Seal hunting flashlight

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Diving torch – Pilot Whale Dive II

Pilot Whale Dive flashlight

The new Wolf Eyes Pilot Whale Dive II flashlight is designed for exploring the depths where the sun doesn’t reach. It’s 3,000 lumens are capable down to 100 metres and will last 70 minutes on it’s brightest out put or up to 45 hours on it’s lowest output. Much more information including videos here: Pilot Whale Dive II Flashlight

Pilot Whale Dive II Diving flashlight torch

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