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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Diving torch – Pilot Whale Dive II

Pilot Whale Dive flashlight

The new Wolf Eyes Pilot Whale Dive II flashlight is designed for exploring the depths where the sun doesn’t reach. It’s 3,000 lumens are capable down to 100 metres and will last 70 minutes on it’s brightest out put or up to 45 hours on it’s lowest output. Much more information including videos here: Pilot Whale Dive II Flashlight

Pilot Whale Dive II Diving flashlight torch

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Pro Police – dual strobe, 1,000 lumen flashlight

Pro Police LED tactical torch flashlight The Pro Police is out, featuring the new Procap and a 1,070 lumen LED which allows the Pro Police to throw 150 metres. The Pro Police has 4 levels of output and two strobes, both an emergency strobe and disorientating strobe but the amazing thing about the Procap is it allows you to preselect the mode you want before turning the flashlight torch on. If you choose disorientating strobe, the LED will immediately start in fast strobe when you turn the torch flashlight on, great for crowd control.  More details on the Pro Police tactical LED torch flashlight are available here: Pro Police

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Wolf Eyes Sniper II LED Torch Flashlight out with 1,000 lumens

Wolf Eyes Sniper II LED Torch Flashlight Wolf Eyes has just released the Sniper II with 1,000 lumens! Only a year or so ago this would have been unimaginable in a flashlight, now this is all in a modest sized (15cm x 2.54cm) handheld LED flashlight. With four levels of output and this huge 1,000 lumen output, this is one bright torch. More details at: Wolf Eyes Sniper II LED Tactical flashlight.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wolf Eyes Sea Lion Hunter

wolfeyes Sea Lion on 270

Do you shoot at night? Would you like a rifle mounted light which can reach 300 metres? The Wolf Eyes Sea Lion LED hunting torch flashlight may suit your needs. Easily allowing targets to be seen at 200 metres and up to 300 metres for those with clear eyes and good scopes. Modest in size but still allowing 100 minutes runtime, the Sea Lion Hunter is a great development for those who need to shoot at night.  Below is an A4 sheet lit at 300 metres by the Wolf Eyes Sea Lion Hunter

Sea Lion Hunter 300mtr

Sea Lion Hunter at 300 metres

More details at: Wolf Eyes Sea Lion Hunter LED hunting torch flashlight

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wolf Eyes Sniper MC

Wolf Eyes Sniper MC
Wolf Eyes Sniper MC

The Wolf Eyes Sniper MC utilises the new Cree MC-E LED to give 580 lumens of floodlight in a modest palm sized flashlight. It utilises a slightly larger head than other Sniper flashlights like the Sniper 260 to give a much brighter flood. It also has a new tailcap which enable the use of a lanyard.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wolf Eyes Sniper 260

Wolf Eyes Sniper 260
Wolf Eyes Sniper 260

The Wolf Eyes Sniper 260, a huge 260 lumen output from a flashlight or torch just 13cm long. More output than a Maglite, but lighter,  with a better high, medium and low beam available as well as a disorientating strobe. The body is a standard 25.4mm (1″) and has a variety of gun mounts available if you are using this flashlight (torch) for military or police use.

Here are some photos of the Wolf Eyes Sniper 260 compared to a 6D Maglite.

Maglite 6D
Maglite 6D

Wolf Eyes Sniper 260 flashlight

Wolf Eyes Sniper 260 flashlight

As always, the Wolf Eyes torches are available with charger and rechargeable batteries. More details at www.wolfeyes.com.au

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